You'll Know The Way Once You Start

I'm Rachel Berry ☆ - Gryffindor, Head Girl, chaser on the quidditch team, aspiring actress and singer and the biggest diva this side of London.
Be prepared for me to belt out showtunes constantly - Barbara Streisand and Idina Menzel are my idols.
My best friend - the head boy to my head girl - is Mr. Kurt Hummel.
I love talking to people and making new friends, and making my presence known in the world, so feel free to send me a message... I eat lollipops and I sign my name with little gold stars. That's all you need to know for now - let's keep a little bit of mystery.
Safe and Sound // Brochel

Rachel was worried - she was really worried. She knew that Brody was a big boy, and that he could handle himself just fine, and she was ever so slightly concious of seeming like the annoying, clingy girlfriend, who he would grow kind of irritated with, before shaking her off. And sure, Brody was a good guy. A really good guy, an amazing guy. But that was half of the problem. He wasn’t just kind of insanely hot, he was a really nice person. It almost wasn’t fair. And he wanted to be with her. He could have anyone, and he was with her. It made her feel dizzy.

But as she rapped her knuckles against his door, and conjured up her best smile, she couldn’t help herself from biting her lip slightly, and tucking some hair behind her ear. She hoped that he was okay, and that he was safe… a part of her hoped that his family hadn’t found out about her. Dating a muggleborn would mean the end of everything with Brody. She didn’t know what she’d do.

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    Rachel Berry Rachel nodded, curling up to him so that her face was pressed into his neck, and their fingers were laced,...
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    Brody Weston Brody kissed her back passionately. “I love you too, and everything with you will be perfect.” Brody said...